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Hello, I am looking for more information via book, cd, registry for the area of: Novoszella Szolles Nakovo Bedora. Spelling of my last name for that time was: Hellberg/Oelberg/Hohlberg/Hilberg. I keep watching the publications but seem to miss out on purchasing before they run out. I understand the Hellberg family at one point had 17 children which attributes to why there were so many Hellberg's in the Dolatz and Gier area. The Beodra baptismal register has my great great uncle Jacobus Olberg born 07/08 July 1857 son of Dominicus Olberg and Magdalena Petri. It lists that there is a picture of Jacobus Olberg I would like to get a copy of that picture and any other family member of that time. If someone has a book that they would like to sell would be interested in that also. I would like to get the information on the 17 children as well as finding out where in Germany Dominicus came from.
My family moved to the Gier/Dolatz area and continued to populate and travel to other countries as the wars and rebellions continued. Thank you for your support and information you have helped me and many others tremendously to find our family heritage and fill in the puzzle of the past.
Cordially Always,
Gary Helberg

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