Grabatz, Marienfeld, Grossjetscha and Triebswetter vital records

Tibor Tóth

Dear list members,

as I promised last time, I keep you informed of my latest Banat vital records from my Church Registers collection. These folders cannot be found on Family Search, on Ancestry or any other online databases. They were photographed in the Romanian State Archives on my behalf.

If you are interested in any of these because your ancestors were born, married or died in these Banat settlements and if you would like to look into their past in detail, write an email to my private address ( lemilpromo@... ) and if you can contribute with a not too large amount to my vital records related expenses, I will be happy to provide you with the ones you have selected. About 98% of the files has .jpg extension, and a few folders contains files with .heic extension. The photos are high resolution and very good quality (3-5 MB per item).

I have to tell you that you will be able to download the choosed folders from a cloud provider called pCloud or by WeTransfer service. The costs will be transfered to me via PayPal, but I will let you know the details if you contact me.

And of course if you want, you can give me an assignment to do targeted research and look for your ancestors and for all the data about them in the mentioned vital records from different Banat settlements (details in private message).

And let's see the newly acquired Banat vital records:

Grabatz vital record folders:

Grabatz Baptisms 1879-1913 (303 files, 1.2 GB data)
Grabatz Matrimonies 1892-1922 (141 files, 630 MB data)
Grabatz Burials 1853-1885 (271 files, 1.3 GB data)
Grabatz Burials 1886-1915 (152 files, 540 MB data)

Grossjetscha vital record folders:

Grossjetscha Baptisms 1814-1844 (189 files, 995 MB data)
Grossjetscha Baptisms 1845-1859 (196 files, 1.0 GB data)
Grossjetscha Baptisms 1860-1873 (205 files, 1.1 GB data)
Grossjetscha Baptisms 1873-1881 (192 files, 900 MB data)
Grossjetscha Baptisms 1882-1890 (186 files, 850 MB data)
Grossjetscha Matrimonies 1804-1874 (150 files, 798 MB data)
Grossjetscha Matrimonies 1874-1922 (244 files, 1.1 GB data)
Grossjetscha Burials 1853-1871 (190 files, 990 MB data)
Grossjetscha Burials 1872-1885 (190 files, 840 MB data)
Grossjetscha Burials 1886-1908 (194 files, 870 MB data)

Marienfeld vital record folders:

Marienfeld Baptisms 1821-1845 (158 files, 685 MB data)
Marienfeld Baptisms 1845-1867 (121 files, 510 MB data)
Marienfeld Baptisms 1868-1884 (193 files, 815 MB data)
Marienfeld Baptisms 1885-1903 (190 files, 850 MB data)
Marienfeld Matrimonies 1799-1865 (100 files, 250 MB data)
Marienfeld Matrimonies 1866-1900 (191 files, 910 MB data)
Marienfeld Burials 1840-1873 (100 files, 230 MB data)
Marienfeld Burials 1874-1906 (225 files, 950 MB data)

Triebswetter vital record folders:

Triebswetter Baptisms 1833-1864 (235 files, 715 MB data)
Triebswetter Baptisms 1865-1880 (321 files, 910 MB data)
Triebswetter Baptisms 1880-1887 (184 files, 820 MB data)
Triebswetter Baptisms 1888-1899 (189 files, 825 MB data)
Triebswetter Matrimonies 1868-1891 (242 files, 675 MB data)
Triebswetter Matrimonies 1891-1916 (152 files, 540 MB data)
Triebswetter Burials 1851-1878 (237 files, 620 MB data)
Triebswetter Burials 1878-1890 (152 files, 670 MB data)
Triebswetter Burials 1891-1906 (146 files, 640 MB data)

Thank you for your attention and I wish you succesfull genealogical research!