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Many thanks for all the responses.  As directed by Karoly I now find Jarkovac on my Banat map.

For any who might be interested one can follow the Kronhelm advancement through the Grenz regiment Standestabellen

Starting in 1778

Gemeine            72 months

Corporal             46 months

Adjunet              24 months

Forurier              42 months


One might suppose that the elevation of the name from Kronhelm to von Helmheim was accompanied by a land grant which is why the family ended up in the Serb village of Jarkovac.

Kronhelm went on to play an important roll in the Revolutions of 1848 in the Banat.  He is buried with an impressive marker in a Temeswar cemetery.   

Decendents played roll in Austrian military matters down through WW II --------finally on the Eastern Front.


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Sounds very similar.

It is a village in Serbien, about 50 km from the former border and about 90 km from Temeswar.

The hungarian name is Árkod.





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In the 1807 Musterlists of the Deutsch Banater Grenz regiment is an entry for Oberlieutenant Wilhelm Kronhelm, age 40, born in Lankebergen Sweden who entered into k k military service as a prisoner of War in 1778.


Keeping mind that  Norway and the German North Sea Lateral were part of Sweden at this time-------Where is Linkebergen?




This family was granted a patent of nobility in 1823 under the name Kronhelm von Nordheim.




In the death records of the Temeswar garrison hospital is a death entry for




Nobilis Domicella Antonia Emilia Kronhelm v Nordheim, age 20, + 8 Jan 1832, hauptmann daughter lived in Gyarkovats  popovilschischan.




Where is Gyarkovats popovilschischan?




Dave Dreyer



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