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Morawitza im Banat

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Morawitza im Banat
By Helga and Anton Hornung
The Association for the Publication of Banat Family Books (AVBF) has published the family book of the Catholic parish of Morawitza after long research and time-consuming data acquisition. The well-founded family book was created according to genealogical specifications. It covers the period from 1786 to 1996.

The church registers of the Catholic parish of Morawitza, data from family books that have already been published and the Banat Post as well as private information were used as the basis for the family book.

The well-respected authors Helga and Anton Hornung have produced several previous Banat family books, have also incorporated their genealogical knowledge for the family book Morawitza.

The family book is divided into two volumes, it has 1,300 pages and was created in A5 format with thread stitching and hardcover.

The price is €75 plus shipping costs from Germany.

Shipping is handled in the order in which the orders are placed. Pre-orders are taken into account.

The book can be ordered:
In Eurpoe - Josef Michels, Spittelbergstr. 11, 78112 Str.Georgen, phone 07724/7122 (evenings), email: avbf@...

In the US & Canada - Karen Preston, email: karen@...
Family book of the Catholic parish Morawitza in the Banat 1786-1996. Edited by the Association for the Publication of Banat Family Books AVBF, St. Georgen, 2021.