Danube Swabian's history

Rosina T. Schmidt

Thank you Eileen Lund-Johnson,

For your kind words regarding my bit of knowledge about all things Danube Swabians.

As for writing a book, yes, I am doing just that with collecting all those interesting stories, documents, recollections and photos of our DS times and am posting them on pages.

Especially the Personal-Recollections, as well as the Historical Information pages will be of interest to all Donauschwobs.

Thanks again, and warm greetings from Vancouver Island,

Rosina T. Schmidt

On 07312020AD--, at 4:53 34000PM, Eileen Lund-Johnson <MyBanat@...> wrote:

You have so much interesting information! I implore you to write a book for us all to know about our heritage. The request is also made for all of the others who hold this marvel - Dave, Nick and all the others I have missed, although not intentionally. 
Eileen Lund-Johnson