Death record for Antonia Schmidt Heim, Information on Schaafschnitzel and Schmidt family lines

Elizabeth Heim Louie

I am in search of the correct death record for my second great grandmother Antonia Schmidt Heim.

Antonia SCHMIDJE 1855–1906

Birth 23 SEPTEMBER 1855 Gross Kikinda, Hungary  (I have her birth certificate from the Roman Catholic church in Gros Kikinda from my visit there in 2018.)

Death BEFORE 1906 Seultour, Torontál County, Hungary (BANAT)

The death date for Antonia Schmidt Heim, (1915) from the second Family book for St. Hubert, Seultour, and Charleville I believe to be incorrect.

In 2018 on my trip to Serbia and Romania, Stasa Cvetkovik and I have looked at the records and the death date included in that book is for Antonia’s sister, Katharina, and not Antonia.

It  also does not make sense from what I know of my family’s immigration into the United States.    My great grandfather, Anton Heim, arrived in Philadelphia in 1905.  His younger sister, Theresa Heim, and her husband, Michael Dauerbach arrived in 1906. And his youngest brother, John, also arrived in 1906.

The oldest brother, Nicholas Heim, and his father Stefan (Steve) Heim also arrived in 1906 to Philadelphia.

There is no record of Antonia emigrating to the US.

Steve Heim died 26 July 1912 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and he is listed as a widower on his death certificate.  He is buried in Philadelphia and I have confirmed cemetery records that he is the only one in that gravesite.

So my premise is that Antonia died prior to the family’s emigration in 1906 to the US.  I do not understand why Steve Heim would leave behind his wife.  So I am still searching for that record!

Antonia Schmidt (Heim)  is the daughter of :
Anna Schaafschnitzel 1823–1890
Birth 4 APRIL 1823 Gross Kikinda, Hungary, Death 29 JANUARY 1890 Seultour, Hungary 
Josef SCHMIDTKE (Schmidgke, Schmucke, Smidt)  1819–1865
Birth ABOUT 1819 Moravia (Mahren), Death 19 AUGUST 1865 St. Hubert, Hungary
They were married in Gros Kikinda and I have their marriage record from the church.

I do not definitively know Josef Schmidtke’s ancestral line.  Help here would be appreciated!

Anna Schaafschnitzel is the daughter of: 
Jacob Schafschnitl or Schoffschnitl
Birth 24 SEPTEMBER 1802 Albrechtsflor, Banat, Death Unknown
Catherina or Katharina Lakas (La Cas) 1796–
Birth 23 FEBRUARY 1796 St Hubert, Torontál County, Banat, Hungary 
Death Unknown

I have been able to trace Katharina La Cas’ s ancestors back to the Lorraine through the Joseph Kuhn book and help from Daniel Hilaire.

Jacob Schafschnitl or Schoffschnitl is the son of:
Lukas Schafschnitl or Schoffschnitl1768–1835
Birth ABOUT 1768, Death 18 MARCH 1835 Gros Kikinda, Hungary BANAT
Margarethe Schirling

I am looking for more information or research directions for the Schmidt and Schaafschnitzel (Schafschnitl or Schoffschnitl) family lines.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Elizabeth Heim Louie