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Karoly Hajdu

Hi Everybody,


Does anyone have access to the Botschar/Bocsár (Serbien Banat) church register/FB?


I am looking for Elisabeth Reininger’s birth certificate.


Some background information:

I found Elisabeth Reininger’s marriage record (in Albrechtsflor registry)

It shows that she was born in Botschar about 1828.


Elisabeth’s parents are most likely the Georg Reininger and Elisabeth Heinrich, given by Karen (see bellow).


In addition, the 1828 census shows in Botschar a Georg Reininger.


I think the couple moved to Botschar sometime after 1826 and Elisabeth was already born there.


Thank you for your help in advance.




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Hi Károly,


I am working to complete a new family book for Albrechtsflor.  I have 2 REININGER families; the name HANEF/HANF only appears as a wife: 


I hope this is helpful.




R 039    REININGER Sebastian, son of Jakob REININGER (REIMINGER) and Katharina FRITZ (Kern R-114.4)

*12.02.1773 Kernei/Batschka (Qu: FB Kernei)

oo 28.01.1794 Kernei  -  witnesses: Adam Beck, Peter Tettjung

MAJENS (MAJENCZ, MAIENEK) Anna Maria (Marianna, Elisabeth)

*ca. 1776 Kernei                                                             +03.12.1808 Albrechtsflor, 32 yrs.

1.  Josef                       *28.07.1795 Kernei                      +06.08.1795 Kernei

2.  Elisabeth                  *14.09.1796 Kernei

3.  Nikolaus                  ~31.07.1798 Alb                          +10.03.1801 Alb, 2 yrs.

4.  Georg                      ~22.01.1801 Alb                          oo Elisabeth HEINRICH (R-040)

5.  Nikolaus                  ~25.01.1803 Alb                          +25.04.1806 Alb, 4 yrs.

6.  Katharina                 ~02.03.1805 Alb

7.  Stillborn male           *05.08.1806 Alb                          +05.08.1806 Alb, stillborn

8.  Klara                       ~19.07.1807 Alb

Godparents:  3. Nikolaus Ortner, Katharina Sasser, unmarried; 4. Georg Pfeiffer, Margaretha Schersi; 5. Nikolaus Ortner, Margaretha Sasser; 6. Katharina Pfeiffer, Christian Prittig; 7. no baptism performed - stillborn birth; 8. Dominik Hubik, Klara Köhler

Anmerkung:  Vater von Sebastian:  Jakob Reininger (WK = Reminger), *um 1725-1729, ab 1765 in Kernei/Batschka, dort +18.05.1799, oo 25.11.1762 in Apatin/Batschka, Katharina Fritz, *um 1744, +04.06.1788, er oo II 29.07.1788 Kernei, übKdr geb. #1 in Apatin, #2-7 in Kernei: (Josef *09.06.1764, Johann *07.12.1770, Sebastian *12.02.1773, Jakob *09.02.1775, Ursula *16.04.1777, Bernhard *06.06.1778, Adam *15.07.1781); Wien: Nov. 1765, Zimmermann, a d Reich, n Kernyaja = Kernei; WK 15/14.


Note:  Father of Sebastian:  Jakob Reininger (WK = Reminger), *ca. 1725-1729, by 1765 in Kernei/Batschka, died there in 18.05.1799, oo 25.11.1762 in Apatin/Batschka, Katharina Fritz, *um 1744, +04.06.1788, his 2oo 29.07.1788 Kernei, surviving children, #1 born in Apatin, #2-7 born in Kernei: (Josef *09.06.1764, Johann *07.12.1770, Sebastian *12.02.1773, Jakob *09.02.1775, Ursula *16.04.1777, Bernhard *06.06.1779, Adam *16.07.1781); Wien: Nov. 1765, carpenter, from the Reich, to Kernyaja = Kernei; WK 15/14.

Qu:  Stefan Stader - Sammelwerk donauschwäbischer Kolonisten, volume VI, pg. 252, #43000

Qu:  Johann Schmidt - Familienbuch Kernei in der Batschka, volume II, pg. 291, #R-116; pg. 290-291, #R-114.4


R 040    REININGER (REINICH) Georg (Johann), probable son of Sebastian REININGER and Anna Maria MAJENS (R-039.4) (Kern R-116.x)

~22.01.1801 Albrechtsflor, living in Albrechtsflor

oo 02.11.1823 Albrechtsflor (MI-FI)  -  witnesses: Josef Koller, Johann Heinrich

HEINRICH Elisabeth, probable dau of Georg HEINRICH and Elisabeth EBERHARDT (H-068.4) (Tschnd 1588.4)

*10.07.1804 Tschanad, living in Albrechtsflor

1.  Michael                   ~10.12.1823 Alb                          +10.12.1823 Alb, “infant”

2.  Johann                    ~22.11.1824 Alb                          +02.12.1824 Alb, 8 days.

3.  Johann                    ~06.07.1826 Alb

Godparents:  1. Josef Veber, Anna Grebldinger; 2. Johann Heinrich, Margaretha Kaufman; 3. Johann Szerschy, Margaretha Heinrich

Qu:  Johann Schmidt - Familienbuch Kernei in der Batschka, volume II, pg. 291, #R-116.x


F 334    FRANZ (FRANTZ) Georg, son of Georg FRANTZ and Susanna BERG (Mrfld 02313.3)

~13.03.1808 Marienfeld

1oo 16.07.1832 Marienfeld (MI24-FI27)  -  witnesses: Michael Franz, Anton Straub

PASSMANN (PASZMANN) Marianna (Anna Maria), dau of Andreas PASSMANN and Margaretha ORDNER (Mrfld 08009.6)

~11.12.1805 Marienfeld

1.  Josef                       ~06.04.1837 Alb (* in Nero)

2oo 27.10.1846 Marienfeld (Mv38-Fv28)  -  witnesses: Christoph Schütz, Johann Peter

HANEF (HANF) Anna, widow of Peter HASSLER (HASLER) (Mrfld 03249)

*ca. 1816 Gottlob

Godparents:  1. Josef Wailer, Elisabeth Paszmann

Note:  1 additional child born in Nero in 1833 with 1oo and 2 children born in Marienfeld between 1849-1851 with 2oo; see Mrfld #02319

Qu:  Willi Krisch - Ortsfamilienbuch Marienfeld, pg. 312, #02319; pg. 311, #02313.3; pg. 1003, #08009.6; pg. 425-426, #03249

On Jun 24, 2020, at 5:58 PM, Karoly Hajdu <karoly.hajdu@...> wrote:


Hi Everybody,

I  have the same question to Albrechtsflur.

Could anybody help me to access the Albrechtsflur Familie Book to check my Reininger and Han(e)f ancestors?



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Hi Everybody,


Does anyone have access to the Grosskomlosch and Tribswetter registers/Family Books?

Can anyone check if Elisabetha Reininger and Anna Han(ef) are mentioned in these family books?

I'm looking for the ancestors of both of them.


Elisabetha Reininger was born sometime between 1820 and 1835 and was married to Josef Straub (Marienfeld).


Anna Han(e)f’s husband was Peter Hassler and, according to the Marienfeld Family book, she was born in Gottlob around 1816.

On i flipped through the Roman Catholic registry of Gottlob but I couldn’t find her birth record there.


Thank you for your help, in advance.