Free New York Webinar Series


The New York Genealogical and Biogrpahical Society (NYG&B) is offering a series of FREE webinars March 17-April 3. They will also be repeating ones that have already been broadcast.


According to Josh Taylor, President of the New York Genealogical and Biographial Society these webinars are open to anyone; you do not need to be a member of the NYG&B.

Go to:


You will need to register for each webinar. Click on the register tab for each or any of the webinars you may find of interest.


Note in addition to NY focused webinars, on March 29 "Finding Relatives in Russian Empire Records for non-Russian Speakers" is also on the roster of videos.


All times are US Eastern Time (+4 hours GMT), or you can use time zone converter to find your local time zone:

David Preston
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