Großsanktnikolaus and vicinity #Großsanktnikolaus; Triebwetter & Surnames: Hesse and Strubert

L Erdman

Hello Robert,

One of my ancestor's sister and her family settled in Triebwetter. The data is as follows:

Anna Marie HESSE (HESS), * 7 April 1742 in Guessling/Lorrraine, + 29 October 1786 inTriebwetter
oo 9 June 1767 in Guessling/Lorraine
Andreas STRUBERT. *1738/1739 in Viller/Lorraine, +14 January 1784 in Triebwetter
They had 3 children: Maria (1768-1828), Joseph( ?-?) and Anton (1780-1858)

Laurie (Hess) Erdman

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Hello.  My name is Robert Helfer and this is my first message to the group -- thank you, David, for setting this group up.  I was also a member of the old banat-l list on Rootsweb, but it's been a very long time since I posted anything on it.

My father's family emigrated from Großsanktnikolaus, Torontál, in 1912.  I have been researching since around 1982 and have acquired a lot of information, but not everything that I'd like to know.

Right now, I'm really just interested in whether any others on this list are searching in Großsanktnikolaus and surrounding communities, especially Marienfeld (Grossteremin), Triebswetter, or Nero (Dugoszello), especially for family names Schnur, Kollet, Wolz, Stecher, Lenhardt, Stilper, Bohr, Stein, König, Schneider, Lamesfeld, Kracht, Miller, or Kaufmann. (each with it's variety of spellings).

There are some other villages I am also interested in, but I'll save them for a later post.



Robert Helfer
Clarksburg, West Virginia