Kathreinfeld marriage look up

Lori Zukerman

   I have been fighting a brick wall with my great grandfather Peter Birong for years. I have both Kathreinfeld books and access to the church records thru the Zichydorf group however the marriage and birth records don't go back far enough to help with this. I have been unable to determine who his parents are and I'm hoping someone has access to marriage records for the time period and that the parent info might be there. Here's what I know:
Peter Birong, born abt 1864 in Kathreinfeld married Anna Hettrich. Their first child, my grandmother, Margaretha was born Dec 16, 1894 in Kathreinfeld. 
There are no parents listed in the Kathreinfeld book for him. Assuming they conceived my grandmother after marriage that would put the marriage sometime in the early part of 1894 or late 1893. 
Anyone have access and can provide a marriage date and his parents names?

Thank you for your help!
Lori Beckett Zukerman