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Hi, can somebody do a lookups in Franz Lux's out of print family book for:
      Groß St. Peter or Neu- und Gross St Peter

I am looking for the family names of Sturm and Schütz.  My great grandfather Nicholas/Nickolouis Sturm was born 25Aug1878 in Sarafalva. He has several siblings - some of which were step sisters and brothers:  Ferencz, John, Frank, Adam and Francis/Franciska between 1878 (or earlier) to approximately 1900.   

Nicholas (b1878) married Eva Marie Schütz (b 21Jun1880 in Bogarosch) probably around the early 1900's. I don't think they married in Bogarosch, so I'd love to locate their marriage.  Then, they had two children in Szerb-Szent-Péter later called Nagyzentpéter and Sánpetru Mare in Romania:

Elizabeth/Elise Sturm 1Nov1902
Teresa/Teresia Sturm 13Sep1903 or 1904

I am also looking for information for Nicholas Sturm's parents- my great great grandparents:  Nicholous/Miklos Sturm and Catherine Karneable/Karnibel.  They  were born approximately 1850 in Alsace, Loraine, France and were married maybe in the mid 1870's - not sure if it was in France or the Banat region. I think both Nicholous and Catherine died before 1919, probably in the Banat.

I'm also looking for information for Eva Marie Schütz's father - my great great grandfather:  Johann Schütz born 8Jun1855 in Secanj, Serbia.  He married Anna Kratochwill and had several children in Bogarosch.  I'm looking for his death - maybe around 1931.

I appreciate any help with look-ups or tips on other places to research during these crazy times.
Thank you,