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There are 23 free webinars, available now through April 6th, 2020 from Legacy Family Tree Webinars. 

Using Google Drive to Solve Research Challenges
Documents of Death
Four Sources for New Zealand Family History
MyHeritage DNA 101
Emigration via Hamburg 
Thankful villages - the impact of World War One on rural communities
Empower yourself with the MyHeritage DNA Health test
How to Use Dutch Parish Records from the 17th and 18th century
Researching a Hessian Soldier  
Researching Scandinavian Ancestors? It's Amazing Can Learn
The Third Coast: How the Great Lakes Shaped America
Civil Registration in Australia
The Coded Census: Deciphering US Census
Advanced Features on
The Science of Family History
“My Ancestors were Normans” – Oh really? Prove it!
How Do I Know It’s Correct: Evidence and Proof
Not Who He Once Was: Tips for Finding Your Name Changer
A Vast and Virtual Genealogical Library is Waiting for Your Exploration
How DNA Influences our Identity
Searching by name: Swedish Records Using ArkivDigital
Advanced Googling for Your Grandma
Can a Dead Man Sign a Deed?

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