sticky New sub-group for D-S recipes


Hello List Members, allows the creation of 'sub-groups'. The purpose of sub-groups is to permit specialized discussions about a broad range of topics. Instead of the # (hashtags) used in the, the new sub-group is named 
This is where Members should share recipes and discuss them in the future.

Shortly, all Banat List Members will receive an invitation to the new sub-group. If you do NOT wish to join, simply delete the email. If you DO wish to join, please accept the invitation to join he new sub-group.

And, you will be able to subscribe or unsubscribe in the future by going to:
There is another technical reason for this split; the free version of only allows a limited amount of data (attachments) to be posted in each group. So that we don't run out of space on the Banat List, please use the new sub-group for recipes and discussions of D-S food traditions. 

The Banat and now the recipes sub-group Lists are on a paid-for level of service so that more information can be posted, and so I can more efficiently manage the Lists.  The creation of sub-groups that extend the amount of attachments allowed under the plan is also an added benefit. But even with the paid subscription, there are limits, and I don't want to loose data in the future.

Cheers and stay safe!
David Preston
Banat List Admin