Pichler from Baranya/Hungary

Kerekes Peter

Dear All,
Hope you can support me with the following:
I’m from Hungary and trying to discover the father’s side family of my mom. They family name is today Piegler (but my other variant are in use: Pichler, Pikler, Pigler).
The latest point i was able to discover that Mathias Pichler + Elisabetha has arrived to Nyomja/Baranya/Hungary at 1741 somewhere. (at 01.01.1742 i’ve found the first entry mentioning them in the church books). But could not found anything how and from where they came (probably already married before)
But now, i was reading in a book, that many German settler came into Nyomja/Olasz (in Baranya in Hungary) villages from Banat in 1741/42.
I’m interested, if any of you has maybe found these names in Banat?
Many thanks
Peter Kerekes