RENYE (REGNIER) pour John MUNN. Lorrains du Banat


Bonjour John,

Look in the Geneanet file "Lorrains du Banat".
You will find your grandparents and their Lorraine ancestry.
There is however a difference to clarify because Jakob RENYE (REGNIER) would be married to Anna PITTENBINDER and not to Marianna JOPP. (could be my mistake).

Anyway, on the REGNIER side, you will find several families from the part of Lorraine that spoke French in the villages of Lucy, Marthille, Vannecourt, Brulange, Bréhain.
I will gladly try to help you in your research and you have quite a few French cousins who will be happy to exchange with you.

See you soon, then.

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Hi John,

meanwhile they also offer the Perjamosch book as paid download. Just
write them again.

Kind regards


John Munn schrieb am 12.02.2021 um 22:59:
> Wow... I wish I had a Perjamosch family book to reference!  I tried to
> obtain the CD, but my requests for a copy were never answered.  My
> grandmother was Barbara Renje (Rennye?) (daughter of Jacob Renje and
> Marianna Jopp) who married Franz (Frank) Neiser, both from Perjamosch,
> and there are Friedrich, Billich and Kellers in my history as well. My
> grandmother emigrated to the US about 1903, returned to Perjamosch in
> 1911 or so, married during the war, and re-emigrated to the US in 1922
> with her husband and daughter Anna (born 1919), parents and sister/brothers.
> John Munn
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>     Hello Tom,
>     you have ancestors named Ehling and Keller from Perjamosch and these
>     are also mine.
>     Welcome Cousin !!!
>     Anni
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>     Hello Tom,
>     welcome to the list :-)
>     I was not able to find your Johann Kuhn in the familybook of Warjasch
>     and therefore I looked for other possibilities.
>     Did you know that your Johann Kuhn can be found in the
>     "family book of Neu- und Groß-St.Peter (=Raaz-St.Peter)" RSP
>     with records till 1852 (author Franz Lux),
>     under number 0742.6: born around 1852, married 26 June 1898 to
>     Elisabeth Lupp
>     and that all his siblings are born in Raaz-St.Peter?
>     His mother is there reported as Barbara Wilhelm and not Barbara
>     Friedrich, so perhaps there is a mistake somewhere?
>     Barbara Wilhelm * 14 Nov 1817 in RSP is the daughter of Heinrich
>     Wilhelm and Ottilia Billich,
>     she is the second wife of Kaspar Kuhn, who is born 11 July 1811 in
>     RSP as the son of Johann Kuhn and Eva Keller
>     Familybook number 0734.8
>     You can find this couple under number K1068 in the family book of
>     Perjamosch with one more generation back and a lot of siblings.
>     Ottilia Billich * 29 May 1786 in RSP + 26 12 1831 in RSP
>     was the second wife of Heinrich Wilhelm *16 10 1781 in RSP and as
>     there is no date of death given he died after 1852 or in another
>     villiage
>     The marriage date is 25 Nov 1806 in Perjamosch therefore you can
>     find this couple also in the familbook of Perjamosch under number
>     W302 with more generations back.
>     Regards from Germany
>     Anni (Lorenz)
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>     *Betreff:* [banat] Johann Kuhn
>     Hello. I am new to the group. Would like to know if anyone has
>     access to the Familienbuch for Warjasch. I am looking for the
>     birth/baptism record for my great grandfather Johann Kuhn born 1852
>     in Klein Sanktpeter. Parents Kaspar Kuhn and Barbara Friedrich. He
>     settled in Perjamosch. Thanks. Tom Lyman