unused Family Books


Is there a depository for Family Books who's owner have passed away are are no longer interested in using them. Seems like would be a good source for recycling the book. This may have been brought up before but this week has seem several books go out of stock. AndyL 


Yes, there is a "repository" from which you can obtain older FBs. The AKdFF publishes a PDF that you can download to see all of the books that they have for sale.

If you do not read German, click on the appropriate flag on the left-hand side for a translation into your preferred language. Basically, the PDF is periodically uploaded with their holdings for sale. Red glyphs indicate a price reduction; green symbols mean a new release. There is an order form and email link to order books. Most of the listing is for their published books, but occasionally they receive FBs from people that are donating their collection, so HOG-based FBs do show up from time to time.

First come, first served, so check the page periodically.

They are closed until September for summer, so have patience if you find a book and ask about it.

Cheers & stay safe,
David Preston
Banat List Admin


Thank you, I'll take a look. AndyL