sticky Welcome to the new Banat List


  2. Start by going to the Edit your profile
  3. There you must add your name, and optionally upload your picture and anything else that you want others see.
  4. Under Profile Privacy select Other Members of your group so that you can be found by other Banat Members
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Update Group Profile at the bottom
  6. You will now see Directory at the left side of the screen. Clicking this will show all of your fellow Banat Members

Your name is important so others know who they are taking with and so we can provide support! 

Also, please note your first email post will be held for moderation. This is a recommended procedure to help eliminate spam. Your subsequent posts will automatically be sent to the List and kept on the website.I recommend that you also explore the Chat and Hashtag features. Chats can be set up to discuss specific topics with other List Members. Hashtags are an easy way to set up discussions on major topics such as specific villages or surnames. 

The RootsWeb Archive of all previous postings to this list can be viewed or searched via this link: Banat Rootsweb Archive
(you may need a Rootsweb login for access)

If you have any questions, you can contact the List Manager or post a message to the List.
With kind regards,
David Preston
Banat List Admin

Rose Marie <rhanak1@...>

Hi David Preston & everyone! 
I've been off-line since the group switch to "io". I think I've correctly added myself to this new format.
I still will not be online a lot but I hope to be back full-time in the near future.
I wish to work on my genealogy when I get back online more frequently.
I still have to get used to how this io works. It is a bit confusing.
Thanks for helping everyone get through this new exploration. ~Signed, Rose Marie Hanak