Why Chicago Germans went to Milwaukee to Marry in the 1890's

Randy Merton

Does anyone know why Germans who immigrated to Chicago would travel to Milwaukee to get married in the 1890's? Attached is a Milwaukee Marriage Record for John Loose and Anna Breitsprecher with a marriage date of 16 Aug 1896. The record shows their correct parents, countries of birth, and that they lived in Chicago. I found a newspaper article (attached) that reports on their marriage in Milwaukee along with 21 other couples from Chicago, so this must have been common at that time. However, the 1900 Census shows them living in Chicago with John's parents and that they had been married for two years which would be 1998. There is also a Cook County Illinois Marriage Index that shows a 16 Aug 1898 date but I cannot see a copy of page to verify. I am confused as to which date is correct or maybe they both are. John and Anna were both 20 years old in 1896 and may have been too young to marry in Illinois so they traveled to Milwaukee. Could they have remarried in Chicago in 1898? It is curious that both marriage years have the same month and day. Any thoughts or information on this would be appreciated. Thanks, Randy