sticky Welcome to the new Banat List 2 messages By David Preston ·
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Serbian restitution of the confiscated properties By Tibor Tóth ·
Secret graves in Serbia after 12 September 1941. 5 messages By Stefan Sabolowitsch ·
Nicolaus Funck 1747 Lenauheim 18 messages By W David Samuelsen ·
Sackelhausen baptism entries 4 messages By Tibor Tóth ·
Herber Hoffmann verstorben By Rosina T. Schmidt ·
Újpécs Look-Up for Hoffmann By Marlene Perrucci ·
Herkunftsorte dear Gertianoscher Kolonisten 3 messages By Cathy Reece ·
Celebration in Luneville, Lorraine, France By Rosina T. Schmidt ·
Celebration in By Karen Dalton Preston ·
Herkunftsorte der Gertianoscher Kolinisten 2 messages By Cathy Reece ·
Herkunftsorte der Gertianoscher Kolonistin 18 messages By Cathy Reece ·
Amazing Donauschwaben history book 5 messages #book By Erich im Wein ·
Look up request for Pantschowa: Paul Ruschitzka 4 messages By Anna Lorenz ·
AKdFF presentation on 12.01.2023, 8 pm (UTC+1): Invitation to the Danube Swabians 6 messages By C G Junkers ·
European roots of Americans 14 messages By Tibor Tóth ·
Banat Books News - Deutschsanktmichael im Banat - No Longer Available #feed By Group Integration ·
Forever Faithful: The Families of Kötcse Somogy County, Hungary (1745 - 1965) #book By David Preston ·
AKdFF presentation on 12.02.2023, 8 pm (UTC+1): Invitation to the Danube Swabians By C G Junkers ·
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